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  1. It was a pleasure seeing the Shelties that you are raising. I lost my oldest Sheltie in January at the age of 15. Today, I lost my 8 year old Sheltie. It was so unexpected and I am at a loss as he was the companion of Blaze, who is a rescued dog just as Frisky was. I am not sure how Blaze will react being alone. Wherever he was, so was Frisky. They had separation anxiety if they were split up and we always took both of them to the vet, even if only one of them were being seen. I love my dogs. I am a retired nurse, and I spend many, many, hours alone. They are my companions and to lose them is unbearable. Frisky was black and white, had a delightful personality and easy going. I am curious how far away from Charleston West Virginia you are. If you have an upcoming litter, possibly a black and white one, I may be interested in purchasing one. I would like a male. My dogs always have had their teeth cleaned, appropriate shots, and regular check ups. If you currently have some up for adoption, please send pictures to me at my e-mail address of or phone me at 304-577-6524. Thank you for doing what you do. This breed of dog, to me, is like no other.

  2. Your shelties are excellent prospects for anyone that wants to adopt. I lost my sheltie, Skye to Urinary Cancer last November. I am looking for an older sheltie, Male/female 5-7 years. Probably a male that has done with siting. Skye accompanied to many Bagpiping events; Weddings, funerals and presentations at assisted nursing home where I provided playing with History of the Bagpipes.

  3. HI
    Jewel.. I have not been on here for a while computer problems.. we are planning a black and blue litter this year.. where about 1/2 hour from Charleston wv.. call me back on 304-533-0408 cell, 304-595-1820 house phone.. or email me at
    thank you. Linda

  4. Your Shelties are absolutely stunning. My husband and I lost our beloved Sheltie, Dandy, several years ago. He was a sable and white and the sweetest, most loving dog. I definitely have a place in my heart for these wonderful companions. We currently own a Bichon who is 16 years old and his little sidekick (a Shichon) who is three years old. The Sheltie that I lost was very compatible with my older Bichon and they loved to chase each other. I would be interested in a female sable and white Sheltie puppy for a companion preferably sometime in the near future. My dogs are very active and love to play in our fenced 1 acre backyard. I am a stay at home active Grandma, so my dogs are definitely my “children”. Susan from Sykesville, Maryland

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