Belmar Shelties is a small show kennel, breeder of AKC champions and performance titled Shelties, located in South Eastern West Virginia, 45 minutes Northwest of Beckly, WV and 30 minutes southeast of Charleston, WV. I hope you have time to stay and visit and see pictures of our dogs!

We were established in 1985, striving for beauty and brains in our shelties for all rings. We spent our early years doing performance. We have CD’s, CDX, UD titled dogs. We have sold dogs to friends that have bought our puppies and do performance. They have achieved titles in agility, obedience and herding. Our grand puppies continue on…We exhibit in AKC (American Kennel Club) and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and sometimes UKC (United Kennel Club) just for fun. We have not shown in UKC for a while…

Our foundation dogs were from Barwood, Macdega, Jade Mist, Winslow, Romayne lines. We salute all the breeders behind our dogs, for without them we would not have what we have today.

We have been very successful through the years and have the honor of having finished several dogs from the specialties nearby, in he past…looking forward to a new beginning. We strive to produce dogs that adhere to our breed Standard, and are yet a joy to live with and train. 

Our lines are based on Barwood, Jade Mist, Macdega, Shadowhill. But mostly Barwood and Jade Mist in our old sable lines. But for the future, we are venturing out and blending our old lines with Paray, Blue Heaven, Romayne, Nandina…striving to produce dogs that stamp our Shelties with solid, well moving bodies and stable temperaments as well as an elegant presence, loads of coat and a sweet, loving expression.

We would like to invite you to surf our pages, and look around.  If you would like to reach us, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to talk to someone interested in the breed!

    We are very happy and proud to show you the dogs below. We have always felt very lucky to have the quality that our dogs have been able to produce. Please know that our goal is to do right by our dogs and that means taking care of their needs and wants. We will be totally honest with what we feel the dogs’ virtues and faults are. We stand behind our dogs. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have…

We do all genetic testing on our dogs: hips, eyes, elbows, vWD. We strive to produce top quality dogs, that are intelligent, healthy, as well as beautiful and bred to the standard.